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3 Ways The Metaverse Is Currently Enhancing Quality Healthcare Delivering

By using Augumented Reality headset in a theatre, digital twins could be digitally projected,on top of the physical body during surgery.

The metaverse must have been overhyped,or what do you think?

Most people believe that the metaverse is overhyped. Do you believe that?

Well, for someone who sees the Metaverse as a “second life”,where you wear a clumsy headset to enter. And probably have a replica there,with whom you go clubbing, shopping or concerts. It would be unfair to disagree with such person, about the metaverse being overhyped.

But on the contrary,the above concept is very far from what the Metaverse really is. The metaverse is way better than what we think.

Metaverse is a parallel reality or visual representation of reality, accessible to user’s, through Virtual Reality(VR) and Augmented Reality(AR) technology.

. Just like in other aspects of life,the metaverse has ,and is still helping health care professionals, leverage simulations in delivering quality healthcare.

Here are the 3 Ways the metaverse is currently transforming the quality of healthcare delivery;


. Augmented reality (AR) was first used for a surgical operation by neurosurgeons at John Hopkins,in June 2020.

. By using AR headset in a theatre,a patient’s digital twins could be digitally,projected on top of the physical body, during the surgery.

This would keep him/her posted on the CT and MRI data of the patient ,as the procedure is going on. From the records,many surgical procedures have been carried out using AR, ranging from spine to tumor surgeries.


. A digital twins is a virtual represention that serves as the real-time digital counterpart of a physical object or process,in this case,an individual

. The use of digital twins by health professionals,has helped in the monitoring,evaluating and tracking of surgical procedures or researches , without being in close proximity.

Digital twins provide a secure environment for testing. With them, surgeons could practice before hand ,using a simulator. Then referenced later during the operation ,to verify anatomy and avoid damage to the body structures.

Also, digital twins can capture a patient’s scan data (MRI,CT and Ultrasound scans) over time. These data help the surgeon to plan surgeries and monitor disease progression and treatment.

Jack Latus,CEO of Latus Health,believes that digital twins will eventually become “test dummies” for Medical predictions.


Various medical schools and training centers use AR simulation and other technologies,to analyze the anatomy of a body in the laboratory, without dealing with actual bodies.

An ecosystem where health professionals and students create and share many experiences ,are being established through the Metaverse.

And of course,there would be a positive impact on their intellectual development. Are you a medical student? You may love to be a part of this


Whether or not the Metaverse is overhyped,you should know by now. From the use of AR headsets and digital twins for surgeries,down to it’s impact on medical trainings,you don’t need a soothsayer to tell you that the value of Metaverse simulations is already being realized.

It’s impact on the quality of healthcare delivery, can’t be over emphasized. Although the metaverse is not yet fully established , there’s no doubt that it’s going to reshape the healthcare system for good,in the coming decade.

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